Cameras with Sound Audio Recording - CCTV Code of Practice

At Ideal CCTV we design Security Systems that meet meet our clients requirements. At the same time we are concious of our responsibility to advise and plan with privacy of public persons in mind.

Our Closed Circuit Tele Vision Systems are designed to deter crime and create evidence for committed tresspassing. The specification of the supplied and installed equipment is selected to that end - avoiding the recording of information unrelated to the Purpose of the CCTV Recording Sheme.

DVR and or Hybrid / IP Camera Systems with the capability (enabled) to record sound will only be supplied, installed and commissioned if extraordinary circumstances require this.

Please see the relevant paragraph from the CCTV Code of Practice below:


There are limited circumstances in which audio recording may be justified, subject to sufficient safeguards. These could include:

  • Audio based alert systems (such as those triggered by changes in noise patterns such as sudden shouting). Conversations must not be recorded, and operators should not listen in.
  • Two-way audio feeds from ‘help points’ covered by CCTV cameras, where these are activated by the person requiring assistance.
  • Conversations between staff and particular individuals where a reliable record is needed of what was said, such as in the charging area of a police custody suite6.
  • Where recording is triggered due to a specific threat, e.g. a ‘panic button’ in a taxi cab.

We thank you very much for your understanding.