Farm CCTV - Wireless Farming, Foaling, Horse and Equestrian Surveillance

Farming Surveillance CCTV

When the lambing season begins or other farm animals start to multiply, a very busy season comes upon farmers. The new-born animal babies need to be checked up on and also deliveries need to be supervised. Many in the farming sector are now discovering the immense increase in comfort by installing a Farm CCTV Security Camera System.

Ideal CCTV provide Surveillance Systems, specifically designed for these purposes. The cameras offered work in extremely low light conditions and also transmit the stables sound to your bed- or living room. Instead of having routine visits throughout the night and early morning our customers can now 'lift their head' briefly upon hearing certain noises from the animals and by having a wee look establish whether a visit is needed.

Applications cover:

  • Foaling CCTV
  • Lambing and Calving Surveillance
  • Equestrian (Horse) CCTV and also Security
  • General Farm and Stable Surveillance

Foaling CCTV Equestrian Surveillance and Lambing Calving Monitoring

For long distance wireless application we recommend our Mobile Network Camera Contract below for £9.99 ex VAT / week.


Medivet Lambing, Foaling, Equestrian and Farming Wireless CCTV System

Wireless Foaling and Lambing cctv cameras for farms

The latest introduction is a farm-specialised product from MediVet. MediVet has been supplying electronic equipment to the agricultural sector for decades. Ideal is proud of now offer their brand new completely Wireless-Speed-Dome System. This latest technology does not require any installation - the Control-Joistick plugs into your TV and the Camera just straps to a beam in your stables - done! You can now patrol, move and zoom your CCTV Camera remotely / wireless from up to several miles distance. This is especially advantageous for applications, where running of cables is difficult.

Medivet's Farm CCTV System is available for £1999.00 ex VAT


You know the Problem--you spend all night going out to check on your animals
You know the Answer--a Camera with Sound to let you know what's happening


But which type of Camera is best?
The New Wireless ZOOM Camera from Medivet Ltd is a revolutionary system which
allows you to Rotate and Zoom the Camera Remotely by Joystick from your Home!
See Real Detail so you only have to make ONE Trip! At the Right Time!
So rather than have lots of static cameras all over the building you now only
need One Camera in the centre which can see the whole area. Zoom into the
farthest corners to monitor the situation. Less Stress on You and your Animals.
360 Degree Automatic Continuous Tour while you watch! 30 X Optical Zoom!
Enquire Now about this amazing system. Available with Cable or Wireless.


 Farmer installs CCTV in sheep pen


Mr Pegram said the cameras are a big help

A Leicestershire farmer whose ewes are just about to start their lambing season has installed CCTV cameras to make sure all runs smoothly.

John Pegram from Clipstone says that the new technology is a "blessing" and is a big improvement on having to get up in the middle of the night.

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